Monday, April 6, 2009

"When I first learned how to crochet, I fell in love with it. I knew I had to find a way to sell my goods (I mean, one gal can only use so many fashion accessories!), and a friend introduced me to Etsy. I've hooked ever since (pun completely intended).I'm just a plain simple Southern gal, who loves animals, Celtic music, God, and my family. I try to let those things inspire my creations. You will definitely find green in my shop, which is inspired by my love of all things Irish. And you will find my Soggy Sardine cat toys, which comes from my love for animals: toys are my best sellers, and one of my favorite items to make. They have so much personality! So I will just keep plugging along, trying to sell my wares, and enjoying life. Here is the link to my Etsy store:
And my blog: you so much for looking!"


  1. I am with you. My favorite color is green, my dad's side of the family came from Ireland, and I so love my crocheting. It's my relaxing part after a long day. :D Awesome blog post.

  2. Thanks, Jodis! It was my Mom's side of the family that came from Ireland. We have the red-ish hair and blue/green eyes to show for it. Not to mention really pale skin.

    And thank you so much, Lori, for featuring me!