Wednesday, May 6, 2009

vsilcoxdesigns's Shop Announcement
Welcome to V Silcox Designs! I am a proud Member of the Etsy Design Style Guide Team.Thank you so very much for your interest in my shop. My artistic mission is to create functional, safe artworks made for every day use. My pieces are created in a smoke free environment.All of the pieces presented to you are created from the highest quality materials. LEAD FREE PAINT! Top shelf dishwasher safe..GUARANTEED! The paint used in my pieces is also HEAT SAFE AND MICROWAVE SAFE. You may customize you colors to match your decor!! Please convo me with any special requests and price quotes.

Back in 2001, and right after September 11th, I made a life changing decision. On that day, I was sitting in a high rise building in downtown Los Angeles when the news came. Of course, we evacuated, and on the long drive home I had plenty of time to think, specifically about how valuable my family was to me, how sad I was for those who were lost, and what choices I had made for my life. I gave up my 20 plus year career in construction, to pursue my passion for art. All my life I had toyed with pen and ink...and I suppose charcoal as well, but I had always envisioned painting glass, wine glasses specifically, so I figured....why not go with the fantasy. And here I am.

Here's my take on it......Glass painting explores a unique and profound paradox in art. By painting glass, I want the viewer to look at the shadow of the art as well as the art itself. Glass art is unique in that the shadow contains and expresses the composition and color of the art, a reflection, if you will, as well as a shadow. Trying to find where the shadow begins and where the reflection ends leads to the wonderfully infinite paradox that is glass art.

Spike Hurricane - Vase - Periwinkle and Gold Iridescents