Saturday, February 7, 2009

mamasclay is from Essex,United Kingdom. Here is the link to her wonderful miniatures

I fit my craft in aroung being a full time mum to three young children, I got into miniatures from creating the caketoppers & became fascinated, they're not just for those with a dolls house either, My work is inspired by everyday life, you know not fancy, mainly my miniatures are modern & based on food that you would get in the supermarket or market stalls-I look at food differently to most people, I sit there eating & think! "I know how to do this in miniature"-the rest of my family think this is odd!

Mamasclay also has a blog :To keep up to date with my latest craftwork & other adventures, see my blog-Happy thoughts of a mini making mum

Pancakes 12th scale yummy.


  1. They are exquisite little things aren't they...there's something about tiny things...

  2. congrats on the feature! i'd love to see a coin next to them for scale!

  3. Wow, great stuff. Tiny stuff is so cute :D I am thinking of making a doll house all the time. But I must of think of someone who I would give it for playing.

    nice feature here!

  4. Thanks everybody for the comments and looking at my blog.